Mikel-Jon (Mike) West



Mikel-Jon (Mike) West is a creative independent filmmaker and Visual Designer with a technical aptitude in Engineering and Development.

Mike has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of New Mexico, focusing on film theory and production, has received training as a Film Crew Technician, and is certified in full stack web development.

On the technical side of things, Mike has worked in Network Administration, Technical Support, and has over eight years of experience as Master Control Operator in Broadcast Television. Mike enjoys designing and developing Motion Graphics, 3D Animation, Websites, and processing Video and Image marketing assets for Print and Digital distribution.

Mike has written and directed award-winning short films and feature films. He's been a Promotions Editor for Broadcast Television, a Background Casting Agent for major motion pictures and network television studios, and produced Music Videos and Promotional Packages for performing artists and small businesses under the company he founded, Mega Ultra Studios.

Mike has recently relocated from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Portland, Oregon where he's currently looking for opportunities to begin new projects or put his skills and experience to work for an established production.

Feel free to contact Mike with any questions, sample requests, or just to say hello.